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The Way I See My World

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What is Happening in the World and Other News

The following 6 lines is from "" check them out it's pretty interesting

You have a 96 % chance of surviving a plane crash

Getting shot is only fatal 5 % of the time

You have a 1 in 3 chance of surviving getting stabbed in the heart

Venomous sankes kill fewer people than insects, out 8,000 people who got bit last year only 5 people died

You have a 99 % chance of surviving a black widow bite

Getting struck by lightning only kills 10 % of victims

Japan found cure for Diabetes Type II, and we already have the medice now we just need the Dr's to give it to the rest of us.

New drug has just been found, kills tumor and cancer cells without killing good tissue, but the only place you can get it is China. Let's see how long America takes to approve the drug!

New documents prove ties with the CIA and Lybia Intelligence, really!! HA

Science; theirs a new raincoat called Raincatch that collects water and then purifies it so you can drink it.

Here's is a interesting site that has global information and news, Transparency International

Tractor beam is real, Australian students have created one but it only moves small items.

Other news!

Space, new images of Mercury, "looks like mars to me" none the less cool images.

National Geographic Tropical Island Infinite Photo, keep clicking on photo it's never ending

Worried about a natural disaster? Here is a site site to help you prepare, 72

AMBER ALERT your cell phone, be proactive and be part of your community.

Qoute for the day!

"Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented immigrant" is like  Calling a drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist."

HOGJAW, Just released a new CD and it rocks also a new web site, see below, is a killer band that travels through out America and lives in AZ. GREAT BAND!!

Music, Here's whats Up!

HOG JAW! DAMN good Music, CD's, T-Shirts available

Cool Game, Got time

What you got? Go and kill some alliens, Totally Free, Play


Check out my favorite magazine, Mental Floss, I enjoy it when someone else does my reseach! They have great statistics.

Next, a web page magazine called WebDesigner cost $15 per issue.

NewsMax great source of informatio

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